Bob Fields
Enjoying twenty five plus years in the CE Industry by
helping companies grow and prosper in these exciting times!  Sure there may be challenges, but where there are challenges there are opportunities and where there are opportunities there is the potential for winning big (however you measure it)!  

Start-Ups, Turnarounds & Established Companies with High Growth Opportunities

We work with new and existing businesses to incubate and innovate their unique
product and service offerings to generate and grow revenue and shareholder value.  We do
this by leveraging our extensive experience and network to bring together the necessary
resources to drive the desired results.  In addition to research and product development, we
grow our portfolio companies by ensuring their proper representation throughout the applicable
distribution channels.  This includes product positioning and marketing along with the matching
of the right sales partners within each channel ensuring growing success.

The ultimate end game is to see our portfolio companies increase their revenue and profitability
to ensure their long term success as well as positioning their shareholders to ultimately receive a
worthy return on their investment.

Bob Fields